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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Allah ka rasool insano main se ha hadith ki roshni main

As salamu allaiqum
Hadees ki roshni main inshallah sabit karo ga ka Allah ka rasool insano main se ha .
hadees pak main ha
Taif mei Allah ke Rasool per Pather barsa e gaye aap ka daman lahu se bahar gaya tha. aiyse mei Jeebril ammen aaye aur allah ke Rasool se aurz kiya ke ya Rasool Allah aagar aap kahien to taif ki Pahadioun ku mila doun.
Aap ne kaha nahi."
Is hadees se saaf baat zahir hote ha k Allah ka rasool ka khone nikla . is ka matlab Allah ka rasool insane main se ha . or baki hadees jo ka English main ha

Umm Salama said that the Prophet said, “
I am a man and you bring your quarrels to me. Perhaps one of you might know how to argue more eloquently than the other, and so I would decide in his favour according to what I hear.”” Qadi Iyad in As Shifa Vol 2 SECTION 4:The Prophet’s judgements
The prophet used to pray, “O Allah!
I am but a man. If I hurt any one in any manner, then forgive me and do not punish me.” Ahmed, Musnad, Vol. 6 pg. 103.
In the hadeeth from Ibn Abbas we find, “
I am a man. What I tell you from Allah is true. In what I say from myself, I am but a man. I can err and I can be right.” Recorded in As Shifa of Qadi Iyad Vol 2 SECTION 3:The Prophet’s states with respect to worldly matters
Supporting Athar Of A Sahabi Proving The Prophet Was Just A Human
Below is a authentic athar from a sahabi stating that the prophet Mohammed is a human.
The sahabi Abu Ramtha said, “I thought prophet was not like other people, suddenly I saw him,
he was a human.” Musnad Ahmad Hadeeth no: 6934, Zawaid Musnad Ahmad 2/227-228 with an Authentic Chain

Dua main yaad rakheya ga

amel soname


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